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01 January 2013 @ 03:22 pm
updated jan 01 2013
disclaimer: these works are in no way reality and are created for my own personal entertainment, everyone mentioned in these works are part of their own respectful entertainment industries
fanfictions are not locked and will never be locked in the future unless stated other wise.

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10 May 2012 @ 12:35 am
these are mostly one-shots that i've given up on and left as drabbles. honestly i think they're better being short :) and some of these are really very random o.O don't ask.

Not Titled (it's too short to give a title) | Kibum/Donghae | G | 66 words |

"You can't circle every answer on the multiple choice questions."Collapse )

5 Second Rule | Kibum/Donghae | G | 191 words | 180 words |

"I dare you to eat that."Collapse )

Chicken | Kibum/Donghae | G | 92 words |

"How come chickens can't fly?"Collapse )

"Someone stop that buzzing, seriously--" | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 300 words |

"There is a possibility it's a black fly hyung. It sucks blood, as in like a tiny flying <i>vampire</i>."Collapse )

Massage | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 92 words |

Donghae smirked. He leaned down lips ghosting over Kibum's ear. "I know something else that feels equally as good."Collapse )

Photo Albums | Kibum/Donghae | G | 152 words |

Donghae was pulling on Kibum's rather long hair, and Kibum's was pulling the cardboard sword out of Donghae's hand.Collapse )

Piggy Back Ride | Han Geng/Heechul | PG-13 | 253 words |

Heechul smirked, "Oh please, you would just <i>love</i> to feel my firm thighs in your palms wouldn't you? Better yet you could grab onto my ass instead, call it a freebee since I'm going to be riding your back for a while. No pun intended."Collapse )

Drunk As a Skunk | Kibum/Donghae | PG | 186 words |

"And I know for a fact you would talk to your goldfish since you did talk to Yesung's turtles before." said Kibum.<br/><br />Collapse )

Polka-dotted Umbrellas | Kibum-centric, minor Kibum/Donghae | G | 416 words |

Any umbrella would do, even one with stupid yellow ducks and purple polka-dots, like the one he used to have in elementary school because, he needed a damn umbrella.Collapse )

Finding a Unicorn | Kibum/Donghae | G | 179 words |

Donghae pulled out a crumpled piece of paper out from his pocket. "Don't worry; I'll have it laminated later."Collapse )
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We'll get used to it
PG; 573 words
Kibum sighed. "No, remember I told you this morning I was going to be late-- wait, why are we even sitting here, we have to pick Suyoung up!"

A moment later Ms. Jun came out with a sleepy little girl in her arms. "Suyoung, your daddies are here."Collapse )
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5 times Nichkhun planned "The Perfect date" and one time it was truly perfect
PG; 3,484 words
Nichkhun swore, there was an unending spiral of conspiracy circling over his head.


The weather man is a liar. So are the forecasts on the internet, TV channels, and his favorite weather woman on channel 8.Collapse )
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For a smart guy, you're slow.
yunho/changmin, 1,721w
The density extent to one's head isn't very much, or so Yunho had thought.
for: bluedveins  because her ♥ is full of homin also she deserves homin :D

The second week of Yunho hovering and exasperatingly, dotting has irritated Changmin to no end.Collapse )
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