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Me, with You

Me,with You
381 words

me, with you
[minho/jinki; PG]


They are laid in bed, tired and exhausted from a full day of schedules and a double sex session. Minho stroked the back of Onew's neck, playing with the ends of brown hair. He leans in close, lips hovering over the exposed skin of Onew's neck, and then he gently presses his lips to the chilly skin.

This is how they usually fall asleep, Onew tucked into Minho's protective arms, while Onew tangles his cold feet into Minho's warm sock-covered ones.


One morning, Minho wakes to a cluster of pillows and blankets beside him, and nothing else. He reaches out and rakes his fingers through the fabric, sighing, as he feels the residue of warmth still remaining.

Minho finds Onew in the kitchen.

Onew leaning against the counter, back to Minho, hand wrapped around a warm cup of tea.

Minho weaves his arms around Onew's firm waist, inhaling the intoxicating scent of Onew's shampoo.

Onew isn't startled with Minho's approach; instead he threads his fingers with Minho’s.

"Let's get a dog." Onew starts. "We can move into a house, with a big backyard, for the dog, and we can have private picnics there, without any prying eyes. Just the two of us."

Minho hums. "That sounds nice."

Onew places the cup on the counter, turns around, leaning into Minho. He looks up from beneath his lashes. "We can have loud, noisy, sex without any complaints from band members." Onew placed his forehead against Minho’s.

"We can decorate the walls with photo frames," said Minho. "Get a queen bed, instead of single ones like in the dorms."

Onew wraps his arms around Minho's neck. Kissing him tenderly, pushing his fingers in Minho's slightly tangled hair.

Minho moves his hands, to rest in the back pockets of Onew's sweats. He releases Jinki's lips.

"Let's go look at houses," Minho whispers, against Onew's lips, slightly delirious with fantasies projected in his mind. "We can have a big back yard, one with a good strong tree that we can attach a swing to."

Onew laughs, "And make snowmen in the winter." says Onew, "And have barbecues in the summer."

Minho traces his thumbs underneath Onew's t-shirt, circling over the soft warm skin, lips pressed at the shell of Onew's ear. "Let's buy a house, yeah?"

Tags: !one-shot, fandom: shinee, pairing: minho/jinki, rating: pg
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This was really cute but I suggest changing your layout or the way you posted this drabble because it's all one long line and it was difficult to read :)
thank you :) and thanks for letting me know, i didn't mean for it to look that way :P

Oh gosh it's so cute. It wasn't overdone at all, which it can get at times. It was just nice and perfect and had a wonderful amount of snuggly and sleepy morning Onew and Minho with back-pocket hands and tree swing thoughts and dozy smiles.

Basically I grinned like an idiot throughout this entire fic. Good job.
I LOVE DOMESTIC ONHO (hence the fic lol)

Aww thank you very much! (fluffy domestic onho makes me grin like an idiot too)
:3 thank you <3
I'M GOING TO BUY THEM A HOUSE RIGHT NOW! I swear this was one of the sweetest Onho ever and I really really want to read more domestic onho, it's reaaaally good.
And I liked this really much :3

Thank you <3!
YES GO BUY THEM A PICKET FENCED HOUSE AND LET THEM LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER TOGETHER WITH A PUPPY! Why thank you very much :D I want to read more domestic onho too, who doesn't love a good fluffy onho?

Your welcome :3