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5 times Nichkhun planned "The Perfect date" and one time it was truly perfect

5 times Nichkhun planned "The Perfect date" and one time it was truly perfect
PG; 3,484 words
Nichkhun swore, there was an unending spiral of conspiracy circling over his head.


1. The Beach

The weather man is a liar. So are the forecasts on the internet, TV channels, and his favorite weather woman on channel 8.


"The beach is nice." Nichkhun said casually, hoping he toned his voice into a soothing coaxing one.

Victoria nodded. "I love the lake." she said, stretching her right leg out, her left arm coming down onto her toes, without any resistance at all whatsoever. She eyed him inquisitively. "Why?"

Nichkhun shook his head. "I thought we could go some time." He paused. "Perhaps tomorrow?" Nichkhun asked whimsically. "Have a nice picnic near the water, and stick our feet in the sand." He had thought of everything. He checked the weather, made part of the meal, frozen it in the freezer (because he knows Victoria likes to cook the meal herself), and bought a picnic basket, picnic blanket. He even thought ahead and bought Victoria a whole new bathing suit (translation: bikini or if you want to be sophisticated: a two-piece bathing suit).

Victoria sighed, bouncing up on her feet. "I suppose it'd be nice," she mumbled, barely, for Nichkhun to overhear if he wasn't practically on his toes, anticipating for her reply.

"Sure." Victoria says, clapping her hands together. "I hope there's going to be an ice cream parlor there." She bites her lower lip. "The beach just isn't the same without ice cream."

The weather had been perfectly fine halfway through the road trip. It was sunny, the breeze blowing in Victoria's face, but nonetheless the temperature was fine.

Until fifteen minutes later, Nichkhun felt a plop. It was one, literally, only one drop of water on his elbow, sticking out from the driver's window door. He cursed; thankful the radio had been on its highest volume, for Nichkhun to huff under his breath. He ignored it. Please Mother Nature, have mercy. He figured his inward beseeching would have some effect on the grey clouds hovering far into the atmosphere. He closed the window half way, discreetly as possible. The last thing he wants is to disappoint his wife.

He felt it. The gut retching feeling you get when you know something, anything, could go wrong throughout the day. He heard another drop of rain hit the driver's window. He glanced out the window. The dark cloud had drastically grown in proportion.

"Oh no." he heard a voice chime with despair. "It's going to rain."

Nichkhun sighed. "Yeah probably." glancing with the corner of his eyes, at Victoria.

Victoria grinned at him. "It's alright; we can go to the beach another time."

Nichkhun; slumped his shoulders. No longer concealing his disenchantment. "I guess."

"It's for the best," Victoria said, stroking Nichkhun's arm. "Ice cream would taste terrible wet and diluted," she stated "unless it's melted." she added.

Nichkhun felt the corners of his lips twitching into a smile. Only his wife could say something utterly childish and make it sound completely and utterly adorable.


2. Post-poned Ski Trip

Nichkhun did it. He had planned the most perfect date. He asked both his manager and Victoria's manager for one week off for a vacation. He rented a little cottage by a ski resort. It was a special surprise.

Until one sneeze from Chansung whirled his immune system into a raging war with the cold


Nichkhun honestly couldn't tell what the difference was from a cold and the flu. However according to his research; it would state otherwise. Influenza is a viral illness; the symptoms include fever and muscle ache. However the cold is a minor illness which includes a running nose and a sore throat, and the fever is minor as well. Nichkhun cursed at his weak immune system. As of now he felt like he had caught the flu.

He had convinced Victoria, it wasn't enough to cancel her schedule for the day. It taken up half an hour of coercing and smiley faces to falter Victoria's nerves. She agreed to finish working, but only for half of the day, and she said she would make sure to finish early, for the other half of the day to nurse Nichkhun.

Nichkhun was pleased to hear she was concerned, but he didn't want to interfere with her schedule. Victoria had cut him off, before he could finish his reasoning. She ushered him back to lie back onto his bed. She tucked his blanket, underneath his chin and kissed his cheek, gently.

Victoria had made rice porridge and left it on Nichkhun's desk. She had opened a brand new box of tissues, and placed it on Nichkhun's nightstand table.

Nichkhun laughed, and told her she didn't have to do this.

Victoria shook her head. "Just wait until I'm back later, you'll probably be annoyed with all my fussing."

Nichkhun protested and said he felt comfortable with her beside him. Victoria flushed slightly, and then straightened her hair. "Well, I'll be back as soon as I can." She handed a mug of hot Green Tea she had brewed, to Nichkhun, and was out the door in a flash.

Nichkhun sipped his tea, savoring the heat. His fingers were freezing and so were his toes. He reached over to grab a tissue. He blew about five times, until he didn’t have anymore energy to blow. He looked around for his garbage can he saw it was beside the door, on the other side of the room. He sighed, sitting up. His head pounded, his fingers brushing his fringes away from his forehead. He knew he wouldn't be able to get out of bed, much less walk.

He scrunched up his snot filled tissue, into a ball, and focused his vision. He shot it straight into the wall, bouncing off, and into the garbage can.

Nichkhun sniffs, smiling at the illusory audience in his head, applauding his shot.

He sighed, sipping his tea once more setting it on his night stand table. He pulled his comforter up to his chin, his head weighing tons, against his pillow.

He felt his nostrils fill up with snot once more. He sniffed, reaching out for the tissue box.

This is going to be a long 4 hours.


Victoria made sure to pick up some cold medicine and hand sanitizer. She came in to Nichkhun’s room, checking if he had eaten. She called him a few times throughout the hours she had been MIA for his care, but she assumed he had been too exhausted to get up.

She lifted the pot lid and sighed. He had eaten some. Still, he needed to eat more to eat medicine.

She heard coughing and she nearly jumped out of her hello kitty socks. "Nichkhun-sshi?" she whispered.

Nichkhun has his eyes closed, coughing erratically. "Victoria-sshi?"

Victoria quickly ripped out one of the cold packs she had bought on the way home, gently peeling it onto Nichkhun’s forehead. She momentarily stroked Nichkhun's cheek, feeling the swollen face heating under her palm.

She brought the tray of food downstairs, heating it up. It wouldn't be as good as it was, but he had to finish most of it.

Victoria brought the tray back upstairs, scooting a chair, next to Nichkhun's bed. She laid the tray on her lap, scooping a small proportion in the spoon. "Nichkhun-sshi?" she stroked Nichkhun’s face with her other unoccupied hand.

Nichkhun replied with a cough. He opened his eyes, leaning into the hand. "Am I dead?" he asked hoarsely, slowly opening his eyes. "I must be." he whispered. "I'm seeing an angel."

Victoria grinned, cheeks lightly flushed. "No, you're not dead, and I would be very sad if you were."

Nichkhun groaned, shifting his body. Victoria assisted him, sitting up. "Please finish the porridge."

Nichkhun glanced at the tray of gooey white rice. He grimaced. "Okay." he reluctantly opened his mouth and waited for the spoon the touch his lips.

Victoria chuckled, stirring the porridge a bit to mix in the warmth and then gently scooping the rice in the spoon, and gliding it through Nichkhun's lips.

Victoria saw that he had winced, when swallowing through his sore throat. She made sure to scoop a reduced amount in the spoon.

Once Nichkhun had finished most of the porridge, Victoria got up and fetched the medicine. Nichkhun had closed his eyes, listening to the rustling sounds of plastic bags, and footsteps. He opened one eye and searched the contents which were in his wife's hand. He quickly shut his eye and pretended he was asleep, leveling his breathing.

Victoria sat back in her chair. "Nichkhun-sshi, you have to drink this."

Nichkhun lightly snored. Victoria shook his arm, calling his name. Nichkhun's deceiving endeavor having failed in the process when Victoria tickled his sides, by poking his ribs. He inwardly sighed and disinclined to opening his eyes. Victoria struggled to open the plastic bottle. Knitting her eyebrows together, knuckles white; gripping the cap. Ultimately with her stubbornness, she had efficaciously opened the bottle. She grinned obviously proud of herself. She held one spoon under the spout of the bottle, the concoction pouring out.

Nichkhun's slanted his body upwards, opening his mouth for the medicine. He had tasted the bitter flavor, despite his palate being numb. He rapidly swallowed and sank back into the mattress. He sighed. Nichkhun heard Victoria close the bottle placing it on the nightstand table. He could smell her perfume a little bit, realizing his sinuses had opened.

"Sleep, you need rest."

"Are you going to leave?" Nichkhun asked, camouflaging his anxiety by coughing.

"No." Victoria said firmly. He heard her pull her chair closer to the edge of his bed. "I'll stay for as long as you need."

Nichkhun relaxed. "Thank you."


3. Amusement Park

Victoria hadn't expected one of the most cliché dates to become so amusing. A little bit of her cola had spewed out her nostrils when she had snorted. Nichkhun hushed her, his index finger firmly obstructing the upcoming laughter.

He admits, he did look ridiculous but he wasn't about to risk being exposed. Nichkhun adjusted his wig and sunglasses. He even took the precaution to order matching, gigantic, sun hats, for himself and Victoria. He thought he had thought it through. The time, place, and event. Yet he had forgotten about his blond hair. The blond hair that distinctly individualizes himself as a famous artist throughout the world. Not that he's bragging.

Nichkhun scratched the back of his neck, the brown rags of fake hair irritating his skin.

He felt Victoria tugging on his sleeve. "Oppa, let's ride the rollercoaster!" Victoria exclaimed. Nichkhun grinned at the nickname he asked Victoria to name him. He obediently sauntered after his wife.

He had initially thought Victoria would be too intimidated to start off with the fastest, highest, and possibly most nauseating, rollercoaster. So he held onto Victoria's wrist and dragged her to the smaller rollercoaster. Not too high, not too fast and certainly not to nauseating.

Victoria smiled from ear to ear. Nichkhun chuckled.

Once they were buckled in and the handle bars were set, Victoria let out a squeal.
In 2.5 seconds they were off. Nichkhun blinked for a moment, and then a minute later, his sun hat went flying, followed by his brown wig. He didn't know when, but it had evidently flown off, when a girl behind them, screaming "IT'S 2PM'S NICKHUN-SS!" followed by a "IS THAT VICTORIA-SSI?" was drowned out from all of the screaming people, either from the ride, or for the fact that the man in the front row, had recognizable blond; auburn hair.

Nichkhun did what any other celebrity would have done when they were discovered from their incognito disguise. He stiffened and flinched, ducking his head, although the pressure of speed the coaster was going; made it impossible.

As soon as the ride was over, and the bars were lifted, he grabbed Victoria's wrist and ran. They could hear the inexplicable shrieks and squeals that were trailing after them. Nichkhun didn't turn his head to see how many fans were there, chasing them. He was aware from the amount of screams, there was enough girls, if he were to turn his head and allow them to see his face, there would be chaos, not that there wasn't already.

The news that Nichkhun and Victoria were found at the amusement park was spreading like wildfire. Discernibly, Nichkhun's manager along with Victoria’s and a handful of body guards had drove down to fetch the two. It hadn't taken them long; all they really needed was to ask a few people if they had seen a couple, with a cluster of screaming girls/guys sprinting after them. In 15 minutes they were able to catch up to the group.

The next thing Nichkhun knew, his arm was seized, along with Victoria, surrounded by a semi-circle of bulky muscle and dress suits. When he noticed a familiar face, a rush of relief washed over him.

They were hauled into a limousine, with a scolding lecture just seconds later. Nichkhun could feel Victoria giggling beside him. So the date wasn't a total fail after all. He still pictured the day differently though.


4. Norebang/Karaoke

Nichkhun honestly wasn't looking forward to this particular date, but he was in town, and Victoria had finished her shoots and recordings, so he figured they could do something fun, on short notice.

Due to the first experience with Norebang/Karaoke, Nichkhun sulked, the whole drive. They both agreed Nichkhun should dye his hair back to its original color, to have the possibility of attracting less attention.

Nichkhun bought a box of expensive chocolate, the ones with hazel nut filling, a couple with coconut, powdered on the surface and others dark chocolate and what not. He hadn't anticipated, his car being hot. Hot enough that when he left the chocolates in his car that they would have melted. Yet they did. Nichkhun scowled and told himself he would treat Victoria to diner later to make up for the chocolates.

Nichkhun drove to pick up Victoria from the company building. He saw her, eagerly, waving her hands, yelling "Nichkhun-ssi~!"

Nichkhun pulled over and Victoria, hopped inside the car. "Ah~ it's nice and warm here."

Nichkhun laughed. "Why didn't you wait outside?"

Victoria waved her hands towards the entrance. "I can't really see too well from inside." she said. "I wanted to leave as soon as possible."

They drove in silence for a moment. It was awkward. They were so busy with f(x) promoting their new album, and Nichkhun preparing for 2PM's new music video, it was hectic. But it wasn’t like the first time with the awkwardness gulfing them. It was the kind where you don’t the silence, that you were comfortable enough not to exchange words.


"What are you doing here?" Nichkhun hissed through his gritted teeth. He stood in front if the door, the doorway narrowed with the door geared up to be slammed, if necessary, in Chansung's face.

Chansung laughed. "C'mon man, lighten up."

Nichkhun sulked. "I texted you and told you I wanted this date with my wife alone." Nichkhun whined. "After this we have to fly to Taiwan for a fan gathering/signing and then f(x) is going to the annual SMTOWN Concert in L.A."

Chansung waved his hand. "No worries, you guys will have time later." Chansung said. "Now then, aren't you going to let your bro in?" Nichkhun opened his mouth to tell him off but he heard Victoria's footsteps.

"Nichkhun-ssi? Is there someone-- Ohomo~ Chansung-ssi?"

Chansung flashed his smile. "Hello Victoria."

Nichkhun groaned. "Come in." he held the door open, and Chansung promenaded into the room with his stupid grin. Nichkhun sighed, looking over to Victoria searching for a song in the song book.

As long as she was enjoying herself, Nichkhun was fine.


5. Surprise Visit from f(x)

Since the past few dates he had so fervently prearranged, had gone down the drain, he was triple checking everything was set, and almost perfect.

This time around, he had premeditated everything, or so he thinks.

He called/texted every contact on his cell phone, stating he would be busy for most of the day, and that he had already finished his schedule to his manager and that he wouldn't like anyone to visit for today. He kept it vague so that he could avoid the inevitable innuendo comments.

Nichkhun had draped a freshly washed and dried, white table cloth on the dinning table. He placed scented candles all around the living room. He bought two bouquets of roses, one for the centerpiece on the table and one just for Victoria. He had attempted to perfect his "culinary" skills in private the past week. Unfortunately he wasn't successful for the most part. He did manage to prepare kimichi jigae, as best as he could. He sampled it and smacked his lips together, analyzing its texture, flavor, consistency and what not. It didn't come close to Victoria's cooking, but it was acceptable.

He called Victoria, and asked when she'd be able to come home. She told him he may have to wait a while, because she was currently stuck in traffic. Nichkhun pouted in his seat, glaring at the clock hanging on the wall. He "occasionally" glanced out the window, and pouted whenever he didn't see his wife walk by heading for the house. So, he passed the time by double checking everything. The food, the candles, the flowers, and chocolates he bought (keeping them in the fridge). But that hardly preoccupied any of his time considering he had looked over every little detail of their date earlier.

Nichkhun stared out the window for half an hour. He was about to check his cell phone to check if Victoria had called or texted. He smiled when he found a text from Victoria.


I'll be home soon~ ^o^


Then he heard the door open he grinned, he thought hs lips would rip and bleed if his wasn't going to stop. He ran downstairs with a bouquet of red roses held tightly in his hand, behind his back. He flicked on the lights and held out the bouquet in front of him standing on front of Victoria. Or so he thought

His smile was frozen with shock. He found three other pairs of eyes, drolly staring at him. Apparently Luna had opened the door with Victoria's key. Victoria and Amber came in a few seconds later with plastic bags of groceries.

"Nichkhun-ssi I stopped by the market before I came home. I thought I would cook your favorite-- Oh!" Victoria paused, looking perplexed. Her eyes followed Nichkhun's hand, holding out the bouquet of roses, with the other f(x) in front of her. She grinned, promptly ignoring the other girl's snickers. "Are those for me?" she asked her eyes sparkling with glee.

Nichkhun swallowed, his mouth going dry. He blushed, nodding his head. Victoria squealed. "Aww thank you so much! They're beautiful."

The other girls cooed with a hint of a bray.

"Uh-oh I think we're interrupting something." Sulli said from the kitchen.

Amber followed Sulli to the kitchen. She giggled. "Aw man, he cooked dinner."

Nichkhun swore, there was an unending spiral of conspiracy circling over his head.


6. Chilling at home

Nichkhun opened the door to their house. He just wanted to collapse onto his bed and fall asleep. He was lugging his suitcases around. He was going to carry them upstairs until he heard Victoria.

"Nichkhun-ssi?" She walked down the stairs.

Nichkhun sighed and smiled. "Hi."

Victoria grinned. "Welcome back."

Nichkhun dropped his luggage on the door way, closing the door behind him. He walked straight into Victoria's welcoming arms, inhaling the addicting scent of Victoria’s shampoo. It was nice, just being comfortable with someone. Victoria broke the embrace, heading for Nichkhun's bags. "Let's put them upstairs."

Nichkhun nodded. He carried most of his heavier baggage and Victoria carried one of his bags. They placed them on the floor next to Nichkhun's door. Nichkhun rolled his shoulders, craning his neck.

Victoria glanced at him. "Do you want me to give you a massage?"

Nichkhun smirked. "You don't have to."

Victoria waved her hand. "It's no trouble. You look really stiff."

Nichkhun shrugged. "Okay, thanks." They went downstairs to the living room and Victoria sat on the couch, and Nichkhun sat beside her, facing the armrest. Victoria sat sideways as well. She placed her hands on Nichkhun's shoulders, slowly but densely rotating her fingers.

Nichkhun sighed in relief. "Thank you."

Victoria chuckled. "No problem."

After a few minutes of consistent massaging, Victoria spoke up. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

Nichkhun tilted his head to the side, catching a glimpse of Victoria's face. "Which one?"

Victoria stopped her ministrations. She pondered. They didn't have a wide variety of collections, unless you count the classics they had, like, King Kong, The Titanic, and Jackie Chan etc. She smirked looking up at Nichkhun. "How about a movie marathon?"

Nichkhun grinned. "Perfect." Just perfect.

Victoria stood up heading for the kitchen. She placed a bag of instant popcorn in the microwave, tapping her foot against the hardwood.

a/n: YES I'M FINALLY FINISHED! THIS TOOK ME AGES LITTERALLY FOREVER TO SIT DOWN AND ACTUALLY WRITE. which I admit I enjoyed writing :D but I'm glad it's finally done. lol anyway...

I hope you enjoyed~ comments/feed back are always appreciated but not necessary :D
Tags: !5 times, fandom: 2pm, fandom: f(x), pairing: nichkhun/victoria, rating: pg
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