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For a Smart Guy You're Slow [Yunho/Changmin; PG-13]

For a smart guy, you're slow.
yunho/changmin, 1,721w
The density extent to one's head isn't very much, or so Yunho had thought.
for: bluedveins  because her ♥ is full of homin also she deserves homin :D

Yunho crept into the doorway, listening to the rhythmic song playing, echoing against the soundproof walls. He opens the door unambiguously, striding in with his clothes sticking to his skin from the humidity of the dance room. Changmin continues to dance, eyeing Yunho from the corner of his mirrored view. Yunho slid his sweater off his shoulders, leaving on his white tank top. He follows the beat of the music, stepping when appropriate, jerking his arms when the music screeched.

Changmin smiled at him from the mirror, he grabbed the remote and clicked the music off. He wiped his face with a towel, hanging on his neck, throwing Yunho a water bottle. "What're you doing here?"

Yunho gulps down the water, almost half way done, squeezing the plastic, until it crackles stridently.

"What?" Yunho asked innocuously eye lashes batting. "I can't watch you dance?"

Changmin rolls his eyes. "I thought you had a date with Jaejoong."

Yunho shrugs. "He cancelled." Yunho said, chugging down the rest of the water.

Changmin grabbed his gym bag, combing out his hair with his fingers. "So I'm your substitute?" Changmin asks, quirking an eyebrow.

Yunho frowns shaking his head, wrapping his arm around Changmin's neck. "Never."

Changmin is concerned. Concerned over Yunho. One reason. Yunho won't stop doting on him, like a potential mother in law who wants to impress their child's partner/boyfriend/girlfriend and not mortify them in the process. Second reason. Yunho hasn't mentioned Jaejoong once this week, which circles back too the denial subject, he had engaged in with Yoochun.

Yunho's usual ramblings on school and work would lead of into a tangent on

"That' reminds me Jaejoong and I did this..."

"Jaejoong and I went to the zoo and there was a cute tiny polar bear cub sticking it's nose on the glass…"

All day and night. It annoyed the crap out of Changmin.

Changmin crosses one leg over the other, his fingers pattering, on the page he was reading. He held up the book concealing his view of Yunho as best as he could. Yunho had been tentatively scrutinizing him, not necessarily at his eyes but his general face... maybe he was being paranoid, but he was fairly certain Yunho's eyes were wandering.

He didn't want to be rude, but to put it bluntly, he would much rather have, annoying Yunho, as appose to creepy Yunho. Yet Yunho stood up and plopped himself on the couch, his bare knee brushing against, Changmin's.

Changmin peered over his novel, his gaze on Yunho; holding a bag of potato chips in his right hand, the TV remote in his left, chewing as quietly as possible. Yunho looked over and awkwardly continued his mastication before swallowing.

"Sorry," Yunho said. "If I'm bothering you I could go--"

Changmin waved his hand. "No not all." he said. "Just pass me a chip."

Yunho grins roguishly. He pulled out a chip and held it in front of Changmin lips. Changmin gave him a perplexed face, but parted his lips, and Yunho placed the chip sandwiching it between Changmin's lips.

Yoochun stifled his laughter for as long as he managed. In the end Changmin held his index finger against Yoochun's lips, firmly obstructing the laughter.

"Let me finish." Changmin grumbled. "Yunho hasn't even mentioned Jaejoong since Monday,” Changmin quantified. “I’m sure that either one of them is cheating on the other."

Yoochun grinned. "Just leave them alone." he muffles under Changmin's finger. "I'm sure they can work it out."

Changmin sighs. Yunho's recent behavior isn't all that unusual, but he could tell something was distressing him.


"Yes hyung?"

"Do you want to go watch a movie with me?"

Changmin stops, holding the upcoming pieces of kimichi between his chopsticks. "Why?"

Yunho chuckles. "Just because,"

Changmin could tell something was very wrong, very. Yunho wasn’t the type to leave things to "just because" it was trite, inexplicable, and unfathomable. So the first instinct was to reject the offer. "Sorry, but I'll have to pass." Changmin said, bringing the kimichi to his mouth. "I've been busy with tutoring."

Yunho nods. "Maybe another time."

"Yeah," Changmin whispers. "Maybe."

The second week of Yunho hovering and exasperatingly, dotting has irritated Changmin to no end.


Yunho glanced up. "Yes?"

"Have you and Jaejoong hyung..." Changmin made a hand gesture, forming a heart, and then shifting his fingers, disconnecting the two hands, into a broken heart.

Yunho laughed. "Yeah, I guess that's an interesting way to put it."

Changmin grins. "You guys usually rendezvous 5/7 days a week."

Yunho scratches his neck. "Well, I guess we've haven't been... pellucid with our relationship, so we aren't all that sure with where we stand currently."

Changmin bobs his head. He foresaw the situation regarding him and Yunho. The probability of Yunho and Jaejoong breaking up was rather prominent, due to the fact Yunho had gradually taken down photo’s of Jaejoong from his desk. Spending more time at home, and the classic break up “signs”
Yunho wouldn’t cry, Far form cry, however he wouldn't put it past him if he were to be depressed for a couple weeks.  "I hope I won't have to be the best friend that'll have to stay up and feed you ice cream and wipe your nose, and comfort you in your time of need."

Yunho smiles, tilting his head away from Changmin, barely audible "I hope not." he breathes.

Changmin blinks. "It's my turn to go grocery shopping, hyung."

Yunho ambles his way to the frozen food section, holding a basket in his hand, examining the labels and price tags. "I'm well aware of that Min."

Changmin frowns, trailing after Yunho, glancing towards the basket. "Then why did you come?"

Yunho halted, ranging his arms out for a package of ramen. "I thought I'd help you."

Changmin folded his arms, crossing them on his chest. "You didn't need to." Changmin said petulantly.

Yunho's expression had turned impassive. Changmin thought maybe he had upset him. "I didn't mean it that way, I meant you might have had better things to do, and I don't want you to trouble yourself with--"

Yunho grins. "It's fine, I like hanging out with you."

Changmin stares at Yunho. Ruminating. It sounded as if he meant something. Maybe not a whole lot in tone difference, but there was a significant tendentious meaning. Then again, Changmin thought, he might be experiencing the post break up phase.

Yunho yet again held his glare on Changmin.

Changmin frowned, he was trying to do his homework, however having someone a few feet away from you and blandly staring at you was distracting. "Hyung?"

"Changmin. Yunho said, eyes not blinking. "Can I ask you something?"

Changmin pauses the scratching of his pencil. He tried to decipher the undertone of Yunho's words. Yunho wasn't one to "ask" if he wanted information, only if it were a topic of a sensitive subject would one ask for permission to information. Yunho was direct, he knew that.


"Are you gay?"

Changmin dropped his pencil, on his note book. He had a silent, monumental, simulated, heart attack. "Why do you want to know?"

Yunho hums. "Because you never go out on Saturdays unless it's for work or tutoring." Yunho specified. "The last time I remember you ever dating a girl, was a year ago in high school."

"So I guess I'm just curious."

Changmin frowned. he swallowed the saliva which he hadn't noticed, had accumulated on his tongue. Yunho was expecting an answer. He couldn't change the subject because that would just clue Yunho in on, that there was something that he was hiding.


Yunho chuckled. "Maybe?"

Changmin huffed. He's going to be persistent. "Just as I said, maybe."

"That doesn't make sense." Yunho said. "Unless you're bisexual."

Changmin groaned, placing forehead on his text book. Why were they having this conversation in the first place?

"I'm not sure." Changmin said quietly.

Yunho nodded, even though Changmin hadn't seen it.

Changmin swore Yunho would have premature aging if he were to prolong the quotidian amount of glaring/staring he had endured the past week. Changmin reached out and smoothed out Yunho's eyebrows, relieving them from the tension.

"Why do you keep staring at me, hyung?" Changmin asked. He had wanted to ask that for a while now, considering Yunho's gaze hadn't faltered this week.

"For a smart guy you're really slow." Yunho stated, finally blinking for what seemed like 5 minutes.

Changmin crossed his arms on his chest. He was going to add shit loads amount of salt in Yunho's fried rice.

"Why is that?"

Yunho shook his head.

Changmin had walked to the bathroom, running the water. He had nearly stridden flat into the wall nose first.

His eyelids felt as substantial as lead, which would have explained why he hadn't detected the hot pink sticky note on the mirror

like I said before for a smart guy you're really slow. so i'll ask you instead. will you go out on a date with me?


Changmin sighed. He must have been hallucinating. He rinsed his face with cold water. He held up the sticky note in the florescent light. The writing was the same. The words were the same.

Oh my gosh...

Changmin held onto a nonchalant composure. He nimbly paced his way to the living room where he heard the definite sounds of the TV playing.

"Yunho?" Changmin called. He heard the clattering of books collapsing from the table to the floor.

"C-Changmin," Yunho said, hoarsely.

Changmin laughed. Really laughed. Yunho smiled.

Changmin held up the note between his index finger and thumb.

Yunho smirked. He cleared his throat, he bent down on one knee “So,”

“Will you go out with me?”

Changmin cackled inwardly. He had to give him points for attempting to be somewhat romantic and poetic.

"Stand up." Changmin said rolling his eyes at the embarrassing stance Yunho was in.

He pulled Yunho up on his feet. Changmin hugged Yunho, his arms slipping around Yunho’s neck, without the need to bend his back. “Sure. I’ll go out with you.

"Provided I’m not a replacement for Jae.”

He could practically feel Yunho holding his breath, and slowly let his lungs rest.

“One more thing.” Changmin whispered

"I apologize for overloading your rice with salt yesterday." Changmin said, giddily.
Tags: !one-shot, fandom: dbsk, pairing: yunho/changmin, rating: pg-13
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